Welcome to the Menche research group at the University of Vienna.

We are an international and interdisciplinary team with backgrounds ranging from biology and bioinformatics to chemistry, physics, mathematics & arts. We apply tools and concepts from network science to study diverse aspects of complex biological systems, with a particular focus on processes related to human disease.

Virtually all processes in health and disease rely on the careful orchestration of a multitude of components that span the range from molecules to cells, organs and entire organisms. Network theory provides tools and concepts to help disentangle the enormous complexity within and across different levels of biological organization. The broad ambition of our research group is to apply these tools and concepts to address both fundamental, as well as practical challenges pertaining to our understanding of human disease.

We are currently pursuing three major lines of research: (i) We try to identify basic principles that govern how perturbations of biological systems influence each other, (ii) we develop novel network-based methods for the integration and analysis of large and diverse biomedical data, in particular using Virtual Reality tools, and (iii) we apply network-based approaches to rare genetic diseases, with the overall goal of developing a truly personalized framework to help individual patients of severe hereditary diseases.


We appreciate funding support by the following organizations: