Welcome to the Menche research group at the University of Vienna.

We are an international and interdisciplinary research team working in the beautiful city of Vienna. Our backgrounds include biology, medicine, physics, mathematics, but also architecture and art. Our science ranges from fundamental organization principles in biology to concrete challenges in medicine. Major areas of interest are the molecular basis of genetic diseases, the rules that govern how perturbations of biological systems influence each other, and radically new technologies for exploring complex datasets.

From molecules to cells, organs and entire organisms, virtually all processes in health and disease rely on the careful orchestration of a myriad of components. Modern technologies allow us to profile these components with molecular resolution. We use a wide range of technologies for finding patterns and rules in these profiles. Our particular area of expertise are tools and concepts from network science. We are also pioneering in the usage of Virtual Reality technology for exploring biological data.

In our ambition to cross disciplinary boundaries and to achieve maximum innovation we often find inspiration in art. Art has a long history of opening up new perspectives on old and hard problems, and of exploring the potential and implications of new technologies.