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June 8: Exhibition of Sebastian's Virtual Reality artwork at the Museumsquartier

We had a wonderful night at the exhibition "Der Tod - oder das absolute Jetzt" at the Museumsquartier in Vienna. Sebastian presented his Virtual Reality artwork "Das Konstrukt". We met lots of interesting and interested people. Special thanks go out to Sylvia Gröbner for making this fantastic event possible and inviting us to be part of it!

June 1: New Paper with Christoph Binder and colleagues!

Congratulations to Dimitrios Tsiantoulas and the rest of the team of the Christoph Binder lab for their paper published in Circulation! Their work identifies a novel anti-inflammatory role for BAFF in atherosclerosis and may have important clinical implications.

February 5: New Paper with Harald Schmidt and colleagues!


Congratulation to the team around Harald Schmidt for their paper published in npj Systems Biology & Applications. It shows that diseaseome-based approaches can help identify promising drug repurposing candidates and suggests a new therapy for ischemic stroke. This work has been in the making for years and we are very proud that it's out now!

January 27: The Vienna Ball of Sciences!

Our whole group dressed up (for real!) and went to the 4th Ball of Sciences held in the beautiful city hall of Vienna. Dance, drinks, interesting people and a fantastic venue made for a wonderful evening! We'll be back again next year ...

December 20: New Paper by the Bergthaler Lab!

Congratulation to Andreas Bergthaler and his team for their new paper published in PLOS Pathogens! They established a comprehensive protein interaction map of the replication machinery of a chronic virus to understand how it causes chronic infections. Congratulation also to Michi who contributed to this great work!

November 20: CCB 2017 in Mainz

Jörg gave a talk the 3rd Challenges in Computational Biology meeting on protein interaction networks & disease in Mainz (Germany) organized by Miguel Andrade and his team. It was a great opportunity to connect with the community, catch up with old friends and make new ones!

November 9-12: Altenberg Workshop in Theoretical Biology

Jörg had the great honor to be invited to a fantastic workshop on "a revised theory of cancer" at the KLI in Klosterneuburg. The workshop gathered amazing speakers in an interactive, open-minded atmosphere that was truly inspiring! Many thanks go out to the organizers Mina Bissell, Ingemar Ernberg & Bernhard Strauss for making this extraordinary event possible!

November 1: New paper by the Loizou lab!


Congratulations to Joanna Loizou and her team for their paper in Nature Communications that demonstrates the power of synthetic viability screens for identifying genetic interactions that rescue cells with defects in the DNA damage response!

October 25: CeMM's Halloween Party!

Three nights of preparing our Laser Raptor costumes finally paid off: As always, CeMM's annual Halloween party was a blast! Many thanks to the new PhD students who did a fantastic job in organizing everything.


October 3: Visit of President Alexander Van der Bellen and Mayor Michael Häupl

Today we had the great pleasure of hosting the President of Austria and the Mayor of Vienna at CeMM. Sebastian introduced our virtual reality network visualization platform to the President and he seemed to quite like it! For more info, check out CeMM's news page.


October 2: Welcome Celine & Isabel!

We are very excited to have two new team members: Celine studied systems biology at the UCLA and did her PhD at the Max-Planck-Institute in Potsdam. Isabel is a Master student in molecular biology at the University of Vienna. Welcome to CeMM!

September 28: Science & Art meet at CeMM

Jörg had the great pleasure to join an inspiring mix of artists, physicians, scientists and students to visit the exhibition “The Bridge to Survival” in the Josephinum. Afterwards we had a lively discussion round in CeMM´s Brain Lounge and an even livelier party concluding a wonderful evening.

September 18: Welcome Joel & Loan!

Two new PhD students joined our group today: Joel studied mathematics in Oxford and Loan bioinformatics in France, Denmark and South Korea. Welcome to CeMM, we're very happy to have you!

September 13-14: Jörg at COST action meeting in Malta

It was a great pleasure to give a talk at the 'Open Multiscale Systems Medicine' meeting in the beautiful historic city of Valletta. We had very interesting discussions on how to push systems medicine forward and Malta is simply a wonderful location for meeting old friends and colleagues and making new ones …

September 12: Happy Birthday CeMM!

We celebrated our 10th anniversary with a fantastic party full of theater, music, bombastic visuals and dance! You can check out some pictures here. Special thanks go out to our director Giulio Superti-Furga for creating such an extraordinary institute!

September 7: Workshop in Graz

Jörg and Uli Stelzl gave a joint workshop on protein interaction networks at this years 'Austrian Proteomic and Metabolomic Research Symposium' in Graz. Special kudos go out to CeMM's mass spec team for being unstoppable on the dancefloor in a pretty cool Rock 'n' Roll bar!

September 3-8: Michi at Summerschool in Sicily

Michi attended the 'Mediterranean School of Complex Networks' held on the beautiful island of Salina. The topics covered a broad range of network theory and its applications, from non-linear dynamics and synchronization to epidemic spreading and biological networks, providing a great overview of the power of networks!

July 29: Perspective published

On the occasion of the Summer School on Cardiovascular disease research in Nice (see below) I wrote a brief perspective article about network medicine that was published today. You can check it out here.

July 21-25: ISMB / ECCB Conference in Prague

The entire gang attended this year's joint ISMB / ECCB conference in Prague. Beautiful city, great science, lots and lots of interesting talks, poster sessions, catching up with old friends … really a great conference! Also, I am extremely proud that every team member presented a poster, congratulations everyone!

July 20: Pint of Science in Prague


Jörg gave a talk about Network Medicine at the "Pint of Science" event in Prague organized by my old friend Micha Bojdys. The event was packed with a diverse crowd that enjoyed delicious Czech beer while learning something about Chinese Medicine, plasma physics, evolution of genes and other really cool stuff.

July 10: Paper featured on nature.com


Congratulations to my colleague and friend Emre Guney: Our paper on network-based drug efficacy screening [pdf] was selected to become part of the collection of Complexity Research in Nature Communications.

July 3: A new lab member!

Markus Youssef joined our group as a summer student. He studies mathematics at the University of Vienna and will be looking into topological properties of a peculiar class of co-expression networks.

June 21-23: Michi attends a Workshop in Germany

Michi presented a poster about his work on drug-drug interactions at the workshop IT For LifeScience @ Bayer in Berlin. Bayer invited some 30 people to learn more about how computational methods are used in R&D in the pharma industry.

June 21: Miriam wins the START prize!


Usually this space is reserved for news from our team, but we'll make an exception for family: Miriam was awarded a START prize by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). Not only is this a fantastic recognition of her work, it also means more than a million Euros of funding for 6 years. Of course we went to the big party ... Congratulations Miriam!

June 18: Jörg kicks off Summer School in France


Jörg had the pleasure of giving the opening lecture of this year's Basic Science Summer School organized by the European Society of Cardiology and held at the beautiful Côte d'Azur. The school covered a broad spectrum of cardiovascular disease research and clinical practice: From basic research on molecular disease mechanisms to drug target development, from novel imaging approaches to patient stratification and much much more. I continue to be amazed by what technology can do these days...

June 9: Michi wins a prize!


Michi's beautiful visualization of a co-complex crystal network (a collaboration with Miriam Unterlass) won a prize in the art & science competition of this year's YSA conference. Apparently, his visualization nicely "represents the hardships and joys of a scientist's life."

May 23: New Paper by the Kubicek Lab


Stefan Kubicek and his team published a new paper in Nature Chemical Biology that shows how new drug combinations can be found from a large-scale screen [link]. Michi contributed an analysis of drug synergies. Congratulation to everyone who contributed to this great work!

May 15-19: Ize at summer school in Italy


Ize spent a couple of days at the beautiful lake Como and learned everything there is to know about Complex networks: theory, methods, and applications. Great location, great topic, great speakers => Perfect Summer School!

May 4: New review article!


Today our first review article on "Interactome-based approaches human disease" was published in "Current opinion in Systems Biology" [pdf]. Congratulations to the team, I'm very proud!