Pisanu Buphamalai

Predoctoral Fellow

Studied physics, bioinformatics and systems biology in Bangkok, Helsinki, Stockholm, London and Aachen. He joined our group in 2016 as a PhD student. In his main project, he investigates rare diseases in the context of protein-protein interaction networks.

Martin Chiettini

3D Artist

Studied Digital Arts at the university for applied arts in Vienna and is currently handling IT for the lab and working with virtual reality.

Anna Hakobyan

Predoctoral Fellow

Studied bioinformatics in Copenhagen and Yerevan. She joined our group in 2018 as a PhD student.

Christiane Hütter

Predoctoral Fellow

Joined the group in 2020 as a Guest Scientist. She studied Architecture and Bioengineering in Vienna and Glasgow. Her main focus in the lab is to redefine network visualisation methodologies and to develop novel approaches for complex data representation, operating at the interface of art, science and technology.

Joel Hancock

Predoctoral Fellow

Studied mathematics in Oxford and joined our group as a PhD student in 2017.

Salvo Danilo Lombardo

Predoctoral Fellow

Salvo studied Medicine and Surgery in Catania (Italy). He joined our group as a PhD student in 2019. In his main project he investigates the impact of exposures during pregnancy using network medicine tools.

Daniel Malzl

Predoctoral Fellow

Studied biotechnology and bioinformatics in Vienna and joined the group in 2020 as a PhD student. His main project revolves around how interindividual differences in gene expression of patients underly the same disease phenotype and how this can be used for optimization of diagnosis and treatment.

Felix Müller

Data Scientist

Studied physics in Berlin where he also obtained his PhD in the area of stochastic processes and non-linear dynamics. He joined our group in 2016 as a data scientist and develops software tools to analyze and interpret large network datasets.

Julia Pazmandi

Predoctoral Fellow
Julia studied molecular bionics and molecular medicine in Budapest, Uppsala and London. She joined the group of Kaan Boztug (CCRI) as a PhD student in 2015 and works in close collaboration with us. Her main interest are rare diseases and network medicine. 


Sebastian Pirch

3D Artist

Is a 3D artist and designer who studied at the university for applied arts/digital art in Vienna. He joined the group in 2017 and works on interactive virtual reality visualizations of large network datasets.

Celine Sin

Postdoctoral Fellow

Studied computational and systems biology at the UCLA and did her PhD with Angelo Valleriani at the Max-Plack-Institute for Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam. She joined us as a PostDoc in October 2017 to help us with our WWTF project on immune deficiencies.

Loan Vulliard

Predoctoral Fellow

Studied bioinformatics in Lyon, Daejon, Copenhagen and Montpellier. He joined our group as a PhD student in 2017.