Michael Caldera

Postdoctoral Fellow

Joined the group as a PhD student and in 2015. He studied molecular Biology in Vienna, Milan and Zürich. In his main project, he combines high-throughput cell imaging with machine learning and network theory to elucidate fundamental principles of drug-drug interactions.

Eugenia Iofinova

Guest Scientist

Jen has a background in mathematics, which she has to many problems including financial modeling, healthcare data, and natural language processing. Her main research interest is the application of cutting-edge methods in machine learning and model interpretability to problems in biology.


Isabel Kaltenbrunner

Master Student

Isabel studied molecular biology at the University of Vienna and did her Master thesis in our group. In her project she designed and tested a new drug library optimized for high-throughput high-content imaging screens.

Markus Youssef

Master Student

Markus studied mathematics at the University of Vienna and did his Master thesis in our group, in close collaboration with Herbert Edelsbrunner at the IST Austria. He discovered and described a new class of biological networks characterized by a global ring structure